My Weekend in Hourly Photos

May 22, 2015

I'm a bit all over the place with blogging at the moment and so that fact that I even managed to successfully take (almost) all the photos for this post is damn near a miracle. I did though so woo-hoo! I first saw this idea on the wonderful CRUMBS IN THE BED and thought to myself immediately, "I need to do that sometime." And so here we are, doing it - albeit not as well as Kerri does! Here is a weekend in my life...

 photo Sat v Sun 1.jpg
Saturday: Soaking up the last of the warmth in bed with some Roxie cuddles
Sunday: Still in the land of Snooze-ville.

 photo Sat v Sun 2.jpg
Saturday: Having a decaffeinated coffee whilst I get ready for a pretty busy day.
Sunday: Woken up with breakfast in bed made by Kami. Well, potato scones and coffee is a pretty nice way to start the day.

 photo Sat v Sun 3.jpg
Saturday: Running a few errands. Picking up flea treatment for Roxie before heading to the bank.
Sunday: Listening to some of Kiss' Greatest Hits on Spotify while I attempt to beautify myself for the day.

 photo Sat v Sun 4.jpg
Saturday: Vets, bank and shopping complete!
Sunday: Kami pulled Guitar Hero out of the cupboard to play while I pottered around in the bedroom, getting ready at the most leisurely pace possible. It involved a lot of twitter checking and such.

 photo Sat v Sun 5.jpg
Saturday: Lunch time! A simple tuna and sweetcorn sandwich that I had been craving for ages and a yummy little smoothie.
Sunday: Lunch time! This was one of those Uncle Ben's rice pots - tikka masala, I think.

 photo Sat v Sun 6.jpg
Saturday: Finishing getting ready for rugby and the last official home game of the season before the play-offs. We needed to win this game to secure a home play-off.
Sunday: My turn to play Guitar Hero whilst Kami got ready to leave to warm up before his game.

 photo Sat v Sun 7.jpg
Saturday: Off we go to the rugby!
Sunday: Apparently I was too busy doing a spot of housework/playing Guitar Hero/getting ready to go to Kami's game to be able to take a photo for the hour between 2pm and 3pm. My bad!

 photo Sat v Sun 8.jpg
Saturday: Almost kick-off time. Watching the boys warm-up in the sunshine. The weather was the most mercurial it's been in a while, sunny and beautiful one moment, raining and gale force winds the next!
Sunday: Grabbing some Roxie cuddles before I head out and leave her in the house by herself for a couple of hours.

 photo Sat v Sun 9.jpg
Saturday: Kick-off of the second half. At this point we were losing 6 - 10 to Ulster but we went on to have a rather successful second half despite the nasty weather!
Sunday: That rather grubby looking defensive end for the Glasgow Tigers, number 89? Yeah, that's my husband.

 photo Sat v Sun 10.jpg
Saturday: Thank you Scotstoun Stadium for an awesome afternoon and thank you Glasgow Warriors for an amazing 32 -10 win. See you on Friday (tonight) for the play-offs!
Sunday: Had to leave not long after 5pm while the game against the Dundee Hurricanes was still ongoing as I had to get dinner ready and head out to my sister's house for her birthday. Busy!

 photo Sat v Sun 11.jpg
Saturday: Home to a simple dinner of pizza!
Sunday: Home to a rather beautiful, furry-faced friend of mine. Boy, was she excitable.

 photo Sat v Sun 12.jpg
Saturday: Wrapping my big sister's presents which were themed around a little pamper night (pyjamas, lush bath bombs, wine and chocolate).
Sunday: Waiting for Kami to get home from his game and wondering why it still feels like winter in May. Full-time score in Kami's game was Tigers 18 - 6 Hurricanes, if you're wondering.

 photo Sat v Sun 13.jpg
Saturday:  Choosing something to watch on Netflix. We settled on Tron. It was sorta mince.
Sunday: Roxie and Mitzi are very interested about what is sitting on the counter top in my sister's kitchen. It may or may not have been cake...

 photo Sat v Sun 14.jpg
Saturday: Tron wasn't exactly doing it for Roxie either! Also this photo was in no way staged - she really was cuddling Teddy like that!
Sunday: It was cake! And good cake at that.

 photo Sat v Sun 15.jpg
Saturday: Running through kit checks with the husband for his American football game to make sure that he remembers all his pads and gear. If I don't help him I'm sure he'll forget something.
Sunday: It's been a long, busy weekend. I wonder if Roxie would like to go to bed now?
 photo Sat v Sun 16.jpg
Saturday: Time for bed and snuggles with these two!
Sunday: Zzzzz...

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  1. Woop woop!! You did it!
    Up at 9am on a Sunday?! What is this nonsense?! Oh someone brought food... that makes sense ;) I need to convince to do this. The other day he just brought Pork Chop and put him on my face instead.

    Your Sundays sure look a lot more exciting than mine!

  2. Always enjoy posts like this! So interesting to see what people are up to. I need to try and do it myself one weekend but pretty much guaranteed I will forget! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte


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