Project 365: Week Nineteen

May 12, 2015

 photo 4 May.jpg

4/5/15: With it being a bank holiday, the husband didn't need to be in work and so we jumped in the car to go to Largs. Roxie behaved really well which is always nice, albeit a little unusual at the moment. Whilst it was still a bit chilly and windy, we couldn't very well go to Largs and not buy ice-cream from Nardinis.
(The photo is from instagram hence the awkward sizing. Sorry! It annoys me too!)

 photo 5 May.jpg
5/5/15: I've slacked a little in the last week or two with reading so I had some much needed reading time for an hour or two. I'm currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and enjoying it thus far.

 photo 6 May.jpg
6/5/15: I seem to be taking forever on colouring this one but I'm really pleased with how all the fish are turning out. It's such a colourful page!

 photo 7 May.jpg
7/5/15: The sunshine is out, perhaps a bit sporadically, so it was a perfect time to take a photo of the beautiful purple flowers on my little rhododendron plant. So pretty!

 photo 8 May.jpg
8/5/15: We didn't manage our April Date Challenge of a trip to the cinema thanks to unforeseen circumstances but I'm definitely looking forward to this one in May!

 photo 9 May.jpg
9/5/15: This week has been missing my typical picture of Roxie so here she is, dozing away on the couch as always.

 photo 10 May.jpg
10/5/15: Rugby sevens. See full post tomorrow.

Oops! I've messed up again with keeping to schedule but hey, you don't really mind do you? I had every intention of this post going up yesterday but thanks to a combination of a trip to the dentist and feeling a bit under the weather it just didn't happen. So here we are one Tuesday afternoon instead.

I'm thinking of adding a "highlights of the week" section to this series to add a wee bit of variety to these posts starting next Monday. Truth be told I'm worrying that they are all getting a bit same-y! Hopefully that will help to make them more interesting.
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  1. I do love a nice highlights of the week feature!
    That ice cream looks really tasty. there's a new ice cream place in town that I keep meaning to check out - hopefully soon!

  2. Mmm that ice-cream looks delish!
    I really want one of those adult colouring books but I haven't seen any in any shops, need to look harder, I think I'd really enjoy it too! x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again


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