Project 365:: Week Twenty-One

May 25, 2015

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18/5/15: Felt absolutely rubbish at the beginning of the week with Monday being the absolute worst so my day was spent snuggled with Roxie watching trashy television and feeling generally sorry for myself!

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19/5/15: Giving Roxie a treat for being such a little cutie and, oh my gosh, those ears are just the most adorable things I ever did see! That face melts my heart every single time.

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20/5/15: Catching up on some blogging while the husband is at training. It at least kept my mind from thinking about how I still feel a bit rubbish! Boo!

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21/5/15: Sometimes I worry about my dog...

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22/5/15: We - are - warriors. We are warriors! Full time at Scotstoun Stadium and Glasgow Warriors are in the final - even the sky is celebrating!

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23/5/15: Instagram shot of Mugdock Country Park. We took a different path that usual and, despite the nettle sting on my hand, it was worth it. So beautiful!

 photo 24 May.jpg
24/5/15: Busting out the Crock Pot to make a beef stew. I'm not keen on the texture of beef so I thought I'd give the slow cooker a try to see if it made it really soft and tender.

  • Getting to see Glasgow Warriors in the play-offs after finishing top of the league, even if it did mean having to play against Ulster twice in less than a week and cough up £50 for tickets for both of us! Still, it was worth it to see us win and secure a spot in the final. Oh the stress and excitement!
  • Listening to "classic rock" that my dad listens too. Memories of day trips in the car with my entire family came flooding back.
  • The absolute cheese-fest that is Eurovision. We even threw a little party at my sister's house on Saturday night after spending all day in the kitchen cooking dishes from all over - Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, the U.K. and even the honorary guest, Australia.
  • Long walks out in nice weather with a nicely behaved Roxie. She must have met about ten dogs while on our walk and she didn't bark, pull or squeal once. I honestly couldn't have been prouder of her.
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  1. Hope you're feeling better now! Mmm stew, I love stew at any time of the year. It's definitely nicer for us when we spend a few hours cooking it.


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