Project 365:: Week Twenty

May 23, 2015

I know this was meant to go up on Monday the 18th but I was feeling very under the weather at the beginning of the week so it's here now instead. Okay? Yes? Good. Week twenty-one should be up on Monday so long as life doesn't get in the way - again.

 photo 11 May.jpg
11/5/15: Finally went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron which counts as our April Date Challenge. Not a clue as to where the actual tickets went so a photo of the receipt had to do in terms of proof!

 photo 12 May.jpg
12/5/15: Catching up on some housework although if I am honest by lunchtime I was just about ready to fall asleep and forget about the rest of the stuff that needed done!

 photo 13 May.jpg
13/5/15: Borrowing some Jane Austen from my sister that I've never read before. I'm considering re-reading Pride and Prejudice again sometime soon too!

 photo 14 May.jpg
14/5/15: Peppermint tea and reading.

 photo 15 May.jpg
15/5/15: A rather sleepy looking Roxie. Why is my little pooch always look so lazy when I take photos of her?!

 photo 16 May.jpg
16/5/15: This was the last home game of the season and it was bloody marvelous. The incredible 32 - 10 score to the Glasgow Warriors secured us a home semi for the play offs (played last night against the same team!)

 photo 17 May.jpg
17/5/15: Number 89, my rather muddy American footballer husband whom I love with all my heart. Cleaning his mucky kit, not so much!

  • Whilst the actual trip to the dentist was by no means a highlight, getting the courage to actually go was no mean feat. Hurray for starting to kick my dental phobia in the butt.
  • Seeing my best friend's name in the credits for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Even if it did mean that we had to wait ages until it appeared and looked like complete nutter. Worth it!
  • Silliness and chats with my sister while Kami was at his evening training session on Wednesday night.
  • Chocolate cake. 'nuff said!
  • Glasgow Warriors winning convincingly after a nail-biting first half securing a home semi in the play offs. Rugby is a big deal in my world.
  • Finally getting to see Kami play American football, even if it meant that for the second day in a row I was cold and wet thanks to the horrible weather. This is meant to be May, right!?
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  1. Cleary Roxie is living the life that's why she's so relaxed :) You must be treating her right!

  2. What has helped me with my dentist fear is finding a really neat dentist (mind you the whole dentist thing is a totally different experience over here with tv screens and just yeah you can see where your money goes). It pays to shop around and find that dentist you can connect with. Not that i'm not scared to go, but it's a little less nerve wrecking.


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