A Mismatched Wish List

June 25, 2015

 photo Wishlist summer 2015.jpg
SLEEK MAKE-UP BROW KIT DARK (Superdrug, £8.49)

I'm not one of those people who tends to want things for the sake of it. For every item I buy there needs to be a purpose, an event or a reason that I have to own it and with wish lists I'm much the same. I spent an hour or two scouring the internet for things that I could actually justify buying myself before compiling them into this little mismatched wish list for the summer, incorporating everything from clothing to make-up to new furniture for the bedroom. I very much doubt that I will come to own any of these items this summer (or at all) - well, maybe the MALM chest of drawers from Ikea. I guess that's what wish lists are for.

Homeware: We need a new set of drawers, bigger than the ones that we currently own and I've been wanting the MALM set for a while and I think that the book storage set would be ideal for hiding away all those little knick knacks, scattered all around the bedroom. 

Fashion: I've been looking for new shorts for ages as my trusty, old denim ones (about 8 years old) are probably about to give up on me and whilst I'd like some new ones the pattern on the shorts from Boohoo are too hard to resist. Likewise, I'd like a white shirt which paired with the shorts would make a cute outfit, I think. As for the bag, I'm definitely in need of a new one as my current little bag I take out for shopping and the like is about to fall to pieces!

Make-up: My make-up brushes are old and need of renewing, I want some nice neutral eye make-up as mine is almost done and I'm this close to being all out of powder for my eyebrows. This is make-up I genuinely do need!

And as for the book: Recently I've been struggling to see what I have accomplished so far this year but with writing a line each day in this nifty little book I'd always be able to see what I've done. Plus, it'd be neat to start it on my second 25th birthday and see it all the way through into my thirties!

See? I told you I had to have reasons...
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  1. I'm the same, I like to have a real "reason" for buying something. For example, I just bought a new eye shadow palette over the weekend but only because the one that I was using was getting almost 2 years old! definitely time for a new one! Also, those black shorts with white hearts are the cutest!


  2. The shorts are super cute! I opted for cutting some jeans into shorts instead of buying any because I'm cheap and the legs were too long for me anyway.

    I rarely by anything these days, since we'll eventually have to move or sell it, I'd rather have less to move or sell.

    The only thing on my list of things to buy is some dry shampoo :)


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