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June 10, 2015

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Lately, I've been playing more of The Sims 3 than I care to admit...
I may have a slight addiction to the game, especially building houses. I haven't played The Sims since I was in my mid teens and it's probably for the best that I took a ten year sabbatical from it otherwise I would never have accomplished anything. I must say I am a pro at building houses though. I've already built my own, my two sisters' houses and my parents' house. I have a problem but it's curbing my desire to move house.

Lately, I've been feeling disillusioned with blogging...
Blogging is one of those things that normally brings me a lot of enjoyment. Recording my life and thoughts is a better use of my creativity than what I would most likely do if I didn't have this blog and yet I keep finding myself struggling to know what to write about. I've umpteen, half-written posts sitting in my drafts that are not what I want them to be. I feel like I have lost any of the creative flair for writing (and indeed photography) that I might have had in the past. Moreover, I feel as though I'm stagnating. I don't have much interesting going on in my life at the moment nor am I a particularly interesting person in general and I'm beginning to think that it really shows here. My readership has barely grown in the two years I've been doing this, there hasn't been any of the "opportunities" that everyone raves about and I don't feel like my writing has improved. I feel stuck in a rut but I'm hoping the feeling passes and I can get the love back.

Lately, I've been thinking about how much I want it to be summer already...
Granted, this week hasn't been as bad as last week but I am tired of looking out the window almost every single day and seeing grey skies, the trees being blown about by a blustery wind. It's meant to be June for goodness sake. Where is the summer weather?! I want to be able to don my shorts already and take the dog out for a walk without having to worry whether or not I'll need a jumper.

Lately, I've been wanting to start doing yoga daily...
But I've yet to start doing so. Part of that is down to plain laziness and the desire to do something else like play The Sims 3 (See? I have a problem.) but it's also because I feel like a right numpty, wobbling about in my living room - especially with the husband there at the weekend to see how rubbish I am at it. Still, I really need to try and be healthier already.

Lately, I've been spending lots of time with the family...
This can only be good for the soul. With my younger sisters just finished school (what?!) and summer holidays being just around the corner I'm hopeful that there will be ample opportunity to spend lots of time together. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down and in a bit of a funk as I like to call it then getting together with my absolute favourites is the best cure.

Lately, I'm considering a new routine/schedule...
Not for the blog this time but for my life. When I was younger and still living with my parents I used to occasionally make up a routine of chores, school work and exercise which I would stick to for a couple of weeks and then promptly forget about. That's what I'm talking about. A lot of the time I feel like I'm lacking a little bit of direction with my life and it is my hope that by establishing a routine and schedule, even if only for a couple of weeks, I'll get back into the swing of things and my motivation and zest for life will come rushing back.

That's my life lately. What about yours?
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  1. We've hit the summer - today's high is in the 30's but we're having so many thunderstorms at the moment that you can't get out an enjoy it. I find it hard to keep wanting to read blogs, not so much write my own because I just ramble my own mess and yeah, but there was one day last week and out of about 30 posts, there was only about 3 that interested me enough to read. But sometimes it's hard, I mean everyone else seems to have such a jet set life travelling and eating everywhere and anywhere, and I wish I had the money do that haha.

    It's all getting so samey though, that it's hard to pick out those blogs/blog posts that really stand out and keep me interested. I've never actually played Sims, Sim City I enjoy, and the games like Harvest Moon or Zoo Keeper, I can waste far too many hours on those haha.

  2. I play the sims 3 v often too!! Too often!! I keep meaning to start yoga daily - I have the mat, but so far I just haven't :/ not great!

  3. I played the sims awhile ago. I swear building homes and creating the sims is so fun! I could spend hours just building and decorating my sims home :)

    Blogging is... Something else! Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say or I can't get the right words out. I think I've trashed 3 posts recently because the words weren't coming out and I got so frustrated.

    I don't even read a bunch of random blogs anymore like I used to. I used to bloghop and I had fun doing that but now I just spend my time reading my blog buddies posts. You know, you are always so hard on yourself when it comes to your blog but yours is genuinely one of my favorite blogs to read. I love just catching up and reading what you've been up to, even if it's just being at home playing a game ;)


  4. Great post, you've just reminded me that i havent played the sims 3 in ages haha =]

  5. Oh Sims 3 is just fab! Hubby got me Sims 4 for Christmas but I just cannot get into it. Sims 3 is the best! Although occasionally I get a pang for Sims 2!

    I feel you with the blogging thing - I'm in a somewhat similar mood. I keep opening draft posts and think "meh" and move on to do something else!

  6. I guess my comment is better late than never... I'm super behind with any reading this week.

    We're enjoying some summer, but I'm have some words with the weatherman and ask him to send some your way!
    I LOVE The Sims! I love building the houses and then not playing the game and just building more houses. I debated getting the world editor thing you can get to build my own Sims world!

    I've become a bit obsessed with life routines at the moment, but it's working to our advantage so I'm not complaining :) We've got a good routine going on for home stuff, shopping, planning things and I've even managed to start some kind of blogging routine too.

    Oh blogging, you are a funny old thing! Have to admit, I sometimes get bored reading other people's blogs because I just can't get into what they are saying. I'm quite particular, I like who and what I like and I pretty much won't read anything outside of that. Your being one of the favourites but you know that already :)

    I sometimes worry that I might come across as one of those overly-travelling-doing-too-much-general-blog-douche people but I really hope not. I try to always share my life as it is, I don't think I lie about anything actually.
    I don't know, people just really seem to love those lives that are unrealistic, that are full of buying things and just generally not a life that people lead. But what do I know...


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