ROXIE:: Then and Now

June 18, 2015

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Left: 18th June 2012. First night in her new home looking nervous and scared.
Right: 18th June 2015. Completely at ease, getting a tummy rub while lying on the bed! 

Today marks the third anniversary of Roxie's adoption and I can barely remember a time without her. I say adoption because, whilst Roxie may very well be a dog, she is also 100% a part of our family. I can't speak for other types of animals but a dog becomes such a part of your daily life, your world that before long they cease to be a "pet" and become family. She's my little baby.

She didn't get off to the best of starts in finding her forever home. She lived with two other families before she arrived in our home at exactly three and a half years old - and that's not including the breeder and her two week stay at the rescue centre we adopted her from. Sure, she can be a handful and she's a typical terrier, barking at almost every dog she meets but she is the most loving, sweet dog I could have ever asked for and to be honest it breaks my heart a little to know that she was passed from pillar to post before she got to us. Well, she isn't going anywhere now.

I implore anybody considering getting a dog to do their research on not only dog ownership in general but in the specific breeds they like. Make sure they fit in around your current lifestyle or be willing to be flexible to fit around them. Be ready to have to clean up more vomit and um... poo than you ever thought you would. Expect them to want to go for a walk or play just when you are about ready for your evening nap. Don't expect to be able to leave them for eight hours a day without them suffering from separation anxiety or wrecking your house. They are sociable creatures. They may only be a little part of your world but you are all of theirs.

Whilst I am grateful for the many wonderful dog charities out there who care for dogs when they are no longer wanted, abandoned or found as strays, I think it is all to easy to give up a dog when they "get too much" or don't fit in with your lifestyle. Too many dogs are passed along without a second thought when the going gets tough.

Roxie apparently didn't get along with some other JRTs which is why she ended up in the rescue centre but I don't think she was really given a chance. That family only kept her for two or three months before saying she was "too much hassle". After a little time and gentle reinforcement of what was good and bad, Roxie now gets on brilliantly with my family's two Yorkshire Terriers and when they all get together they are as thick as thieves!

As much as it saddens me to think of how Roxie was passed about like an unwanted gift a tiny part of me will always be grateful that those other people didn't know a good thing when they saw it. I love that dog with all my heart. Now she is mine, now she has a family.

She has found her forever home.
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  1. Aww poor Roxie, she does look nervous in scared in that first photo. I'm glad she's happy and more relaxed now. She is a cutie!


  2. Aww poor Roxie, she does look nervous in scared in that first photo. I'm glad she's happy and more relaxed now. She is a cutie!


  3. What a lucky puppy finding such a great home with you!

  4. Yay for Roxie! She's got the perfect home and too bad to those people who left her behind. They don't know what they are missing out on.

  5. What a gorgeous dog. I cannot imagine my life without my furry friend (a cocker spaniel). I am so glad Roxie has such a good home!

    Great Post!

    New follower *Hello!!*, Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings


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