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June 05, 2015

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I've been thinking a lot about the summer recently what with my "new" attitude of focusing on the future rather than what I've left in the past, and with all that daydreaming my mind can't help but wander to my birthday. In just about six weeks time, on the 19th of July, I'll be turning (gulp) twenty-six although from now on, if anyone asks, I'm permanently twenty-five. It is just such a nice number, a nice age to be that I've decided to stick with it full-term.

Anyway, with my thoughts drifting to my second twenty-fifth birthday I've been considering all those little life lessons that I've learnt along the way during my time on this earth. And we all know that a list-style blog post is the way forward when you're trying to come up with some interesting content for the good, old blog. So... shall we?

  1. There is no right time to meet "The One". It doesn't matter one bit whether you are sixteen or sixty. Your age has nothing to do with your feelings. Don't ever let anyone trivialise how you feel.
  2. You don't have to have your whole life mapped out before you leave high school. No matter how thorough your plans are the likelihood of them coming to fruition exactly how you had hoped is small.
  3. It doesn't matter how well you are able to do something (sing, dance, write, play a sport etc.). If it makes you happy do it - and often.
  4. Your eyebrows don't need to be plucked to within an inch of their life but they do need to be filled to look nice.
  5. People will float in and out of your life and that's fine. The ones that really matter will stick around and become permanent fixtures in your life. Those other ones aren't worth worrying about too much.
  6. You'll never quite feel like a grown-up. Well, not yet anyway. So long as you remember to feed yourself and pay your bills then it's okay to feel like a kid at heart, being silly and (virtually) carefree.
  7. You can't please everybody no matter how much you try.
  8. Likewise, you won't be to everyone's taste. You don't have to like everyone so it's pretty ridiculous to expect everyone to like you. Don't waste your time worrying about what everyone else thinks.
  9. Look after yourself. Once you move out and away from your parents no one is going to remind you to eat, make you tidy your stuff and encourage you to get out a bit more. It might sound like a great thing but all it means is you're 100% responsible for yourself. 
  10. There is only one of you so be the best possible version of yourself that you can be. The best you can be does not necessarily equate to successful. Focus on being a good, caring person with their own opinions.
  11. Nights spent in with those you love most are likely to be better than the nights you go out.
  12. It's okay to be alone. You don't need to be around people  24/7 to feel validated.
  13. I'm more like my mum than I ever thought I was and that's completely okay. After all, she's a pretty awesome woman.
  14. Don't listen to what everyone else thinks you should be doing. Listen to yourself and do what your heart wants to.
  15. Family is everything.
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  1. Second 25th birthday haha, I like that! I'll be having my first one this year so might adopt that thereafter.
    #4 yes!!! haha Actually, obviously all of them! Brilliant post. Let's circulate it around the still-to-leave-school people!!

    Danielle xo

  2. Great list =]

  3. My second 25th birthday is in November!
    I'm going with number two and adding, you don't need to have your life mapped out ever haha!


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