Before I'm 30: Update One

July 24, 2015

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On Sunday it was my (whisper it) twenty-sixth birthday and so it seems only right that now is the time to do a little update on my before I'm thirty list. You know, now I only have four years left...

It has to be said that I haven't really made much of a dent on my list. In fact, I've barely done anything at all. That being said I think I can cut myself some slack; 2015 has been a year of some real ups and downs and when you set goals to be completed in five years then you can't really expect them all to be ticked off after just one year.  

The following ones in bold are ones that I've completed or have made steps towards completing...

1. Buy a house with a garden
2. Have a baby - Obviously I haven't had one yet but if you read THIS POST then you'll see that it wasn't for a lack of trying. We are currently just taking things easy at the moment on this front but hopefully by age 30 this will definitely be scored of the list.
3. Learn to drive
4. Have a smile to be proud of - I still hate my teeth but I've made steps to rectify that by slowly getting over my dental phobia and visiting the dreaded dentist.
5. Start my own business
6. Have at least one date night a month each year - Whilst I haven't always blogged about them, we have completed each of our monthly dates so far this year.
7. Grow a beautiful garden 

8. Keep a gratitude jar for a year
9. Learn to be more confident and control anxiety
10. Donate to/raise money for charity
11. Take care of my body & mind (meditate, yoga, work out)
12. Do a good deed 

13. Do a 365 photo challenge (attempting in 2015) - This should now read "failed attempt". When everything went to the dogs in April I kind of gave up with my challenge. I'd like to try it again sometime but not straight away.
14. Continue to blog and reach 500 followers
15. Edit first novel and decide whether or not to publish/self publish
16. Try a write every day for a year challenge
17. Write my second novel 

18. See theatre (a play, not a musical)
19. See a ice hockey game
20. See a basketball game
21. See an American football game - Okay, so it's not NFL but I have seen several amateur American Football games now that my charming husband plays for the Glasgow Tigers.
22. See ballet
23. See a jazz band
24. Read 50% of RORY GILMORE'S READING LIST - Currently at 12.5%
25. Relearn how to knit
26. Try five new board/card games 

27. Visit the Harry Potter Studios
28. Visit Paris
29. Visit Rome
30. See the Northern Lights
I've got a few plans in the making that should help me complete some more of the things on my list so hopefully when I do my next update in January 2016 one of two things can be scored off the list.  That would be nice now, wouldn't it?
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  1. happy birthday! good luck with goals. I would love to visit the harry potter studios too!

    Jessica |

  2. Good luck with finishing off your goals you still have plenty of time. I was actually just looking at my 30 before 30 list the other night, if I was to write it again i'd change so much of it mind you!

  3. You've got loads more time to work on them :) I just work on the goals that are the most fun haha! I gave up on my 365 challenge to, I just couldn't be bothered haha.

    Good luck with all the goals!


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