ROXIE:: The Broken Rules

July 03, 2015

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Like any parent, doggy or otherwise, we all start out with good intentions that are quickly dashed the moment reality sets in. It's fair to say that over the past three years of having Roxie as a part of our family many of the original rules have been re-written, amended and then promptly forgotten about altogether.

It would be easy to say that this was purely down to laziness of my part (and that of Kami's) in not training Roxie to a sufficient standard whereby these rules would have been obeyed but that's just not true. Once we got Roxie and began to see her personality and how she reacted to different things we simply had to adapt our so-called rules, sometimes going so far as to throw them completely out the window. In the metaphorical sense of course.

Our undoing began with one simple rule that just had to be disregarded...
No climbing on the furniture.

Here's the deal. Cuddles with your best, furry friend are absolutely irresistible and when you've had a long day all you want is to crash in front of the television with your loyal companion by your side. Goodbye fur-free, clean couch. Hello doggy cuddles.

I wasn't too worried that all our rules would crumble because I was absolutely adamant that she wouldn't be allowed in the bedroom whatsoever. She isn't going to get fur all over that room, not when we need to sleep in there. Nope, the living room and kitchen are her domain. She'll just have to be happy with that.

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Fine. She can come into the bedroom but only first thing in the morning to get me out of bed. She is still absolutely forbidden to climb on the bed or sleep in the room with us. She has her own, secure crate in the living room for sleeping in. She doesn't need us. Routine and rules are important!


Sure, she can sleep in the bedroom now but she's still to sleep in her own bed and not on ours. We only have a double bed for crying out loud we don't need her squishing up between us every night. Oh wait, it's cold in winter and our body heat is better than her blankets and bed? Come here, you furry, little monster and cuddle up beside me.

It's fine though whenever we go out we'll still keep her in her crate or in the pen; her safety and our the wholeness of our possessions are important. What do you mean she doesn't want to go into her crate and you can't be bothered setting up the pen? Whatever. She can stay out in the living room this once. 

Oh, she didn't destroy anything or keel over? Well then she doesn't need to stay in the crate or pen any more when we go out but she must stay only in the living room... and the bedroom if it's only a trip to Asda. She must not jump up on us when we come back in though. Not everyone likes dogs and our nephews are still pretty small, we should totally keep discouraging that.

Oh my god! Look at how cute and excited she is to see us! I don't even care that she's jumping all over me and leaving me with a soggy toy in my lap so that she can give me kisses. This is real love.

Screw the rules. Roxie can do whatever the hell she wants.

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  1. Haha, each and every single one of these! We're just venturing from 'definitely, 100% staying in the kitchen and the kitchen only' to 'ok, it's warm, I'll leave that door open so they have a bit more free reign'. So far, nothing chewed - it's definitely going to get worse.
    M x

  2. Haha,we use to keep our cats off the bed, especially at night but Eddy gets super purry and cute then. She'll curl up around my head, so who I am to say no?!

  3. Yes!! Ahaha this is exactly how it goes.
    We always let him on the sofa but he wasn't meant to be in the bedrooms or bathroom at all. It may be TMI but he usually jumps onto my lap when I go for a wee and likes to lay with Jake in bed when Jake wakes up. However he will not, even if we tried to make him, sleep anywhere other than his crate which is a great thing.

    Awesome post. So original!! xo

  4. Haha! Luckily I can't really set any rules in place for Pork Chop, saying that, it's "oh, I think he's like to explore the bed, lets put him on the bed"... basically I carry him around the house and let him play where ever :)


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