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August 03, 2015

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I can't decide whether the last year has flown passed or has dragged its heels through each month. If I'm honest I guess that it has been a little bit of both. Some days I can't believe that we are over halfway through 2015 and others it feels like an absolute age since we were pulling down the Christmas decorations and admitting that a new year was upon us. Time, it's a fickle thing.

Still it amazes me that just over a year ago, on the 1st of August 2014, I married my best friend and it was the best thing that I've done in my life thus far. For some people marriage just isn't on their radar, it isn't something they are interested in, want or think they need and that is 100% their choice but for me it was a step I wanted to take and not for one moment have I regretted it.

You see, getting married cemented our relationship completely. Somehow we are a stronger team now that we share the same last name. I'm not saying that you have to share a last name to be a great team - not at all. It's just that, for me, getting married meant that any silly, unfounded insecurities melted away. We face our problems and dilemmas together, fully supporting each other every step of the way. No more burying our heads in the sand and hoping that it'll all just go away. We have always been a great team together, a strong unit and yet now, by being married, we project that openly to the outside world and I like it that way.

Like every year, like every relationship, there have been some real ups and downs. The highlights of course being our wonderful honeymoon in Portugal last October, sharing our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs, and the countless great days that we have just spent in each others' company being silly and so typically "us".  These are the moments I cherish, these are the days that will linger in my memory for years to come.

By contrast we've also had some pretty tough storms to weather with April by far being the most difficult month we have ever had to face during our ten year relationship. Saying goodbye to a hope, a dream, something so fragile was hard, not to mention the surgery involved was scary. There's no other way to put it: losing a baby, no matter how early in a pregnancy, is a really difficult experience. Kami was my shoulder to cry on, the person who would let me mope around the house without judgement but would pick me up at the end of it and assure me that everything would be okay. He was - and still is - my rock.

The truth is whether its been a high or low point in our first year of marriage there is nobody else I would want to experience this with. There is something so easy about walking through life with your very best friend by your side, ready to catch you when you fall or share in the amazing little moments that come your way. I couldn't imagine taking this journey of marriage and life with anyone else. 

I'm a really lucky girl.
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  1. Duuuude, I totally loved this post! THE FEELS! All the feels!

    The writing, the way you articulate your relationship, the feels!

    It's a beautiful piece of writing and probably my favourite thing I have ever read from you!

    Guuurl has skillz.

    (I have know ruined a lovely piece of writing with my comment...)

    1. Haha. Thank you! I didn't even know that it had all the feels - I was totally just writing from the heart ;) Actually, I was just rambling and thought, "Meh, that seems like an alright post. I'll publish it!" haha.
      Debi x

  2. So lovely and poignant all at once. A sweet piece of writing and, by the sounds of things, a wonderful relationship!


    1. Thank you :) It is a pretty wonderful relationship if I do say so myself. Full of ups and downs but still pretty spectacular.
      Debi x

  3. Well first, congrats on your 1 year anniversary. Marriage has definitely helped my husband and I's relationship too. We are definitely stronger together. Like you, we have been through ups and downs but that's to be expected of course. We will be married 3 years in March - which I can't believe... time flies!

    Jessica |


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