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September 15, 2015

Reading… Nothing. Sadly, I've never got the motivation to read at the moment as so my reading challenge on goodreads has fallen by the wayside. I've still to finish American Gods by Neil Gaiman which I started in July and I've also got Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury sitting by my bed ready to be read.
Playing… The odd song on Guitar Hero when I'm feeling bored. Kami and I are hopeful of convincing my sisters to try playing a new board game that he just got called City of Horror sometime soon though.
Trying… To be positive about the future. Which can be difficult sometimes when the past six months has been full of broken hopes and dreams.
Cooking… More stews and soups hopefully as Autumn starts its descent upon us.
Eating… Curiously Cinnamon cereal for breakfast because suddenly I am a cereal kind of girl. What?
Drinking… Some rather unexciting diluting juice. I mean, it's nice (summer fruits flavour) but it's nothing interesting now, is it?!
Tweeting... About nothing even remotely interesting although I have been using tweetdeck a lot more regularly to schedule all my blog tweets which is super handy!
Going…  To quite possibly sit and watch Netflix for the rest of the day once I have finished with writing blog posts because some days are just meant for being lazy. Today is one of those such days.
Loving… Getting out and about with Kami and Roxie on mini adventures. I always have the best of times with my little Team T.
Hating… The rain that is likely to descend upon us now that Autumn is virtually knocking at our door.
Wishing... That things would just work out the way that I want them too. That we could be the lucky ones for a change and be able to escape the heartache. 
Wanting... To actually clear out the spare room once and for all like I've been attempting to do for a couple of months now. It'd be really nice if we could repaint it too especially as the more I look at the wall I can see orange through the yellow!
Enjoying… Each and every moment that I get to spend with the people I call my family.
Sorting... Out more ideas for upcoming blog posts. I am determined not to accidentally have a blogging break again. Well, at least not until my regular break at Christmas.
Thinking… Too goddamn much.
Deciding... That it is good to take just one day at a time.
Feeling… All the Ds. Disappointed. Disheartened. Devastated. It's been a tough month.
Hoping… That things finally will start to go our way.
Listening (to)… Taylor Swift because nothing cheers me up quite like Tay Tay does.
Watching... The Originals which is the spin-off series from The Vampire Diaries. Who knows what I'll watch once I'm done with that!
Considering…Getting up to make a cup of coffee. Decaf of course. We can't have me bouncing off the walls now, can we?
Wondering... If it is too early to really start planning Christmas presents. Please tell me it isn't!!
Wearing... My typical "I'm staying at home" attire of jeans, a vest top and a comfortable, black jumper. Yeah, I bet you're glad you asked.
Finishing… This blog post.
Starting… To think about exactly what I should write for Friday's post.

Let's catch up: what have you been up to lately?
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  1. I'm so very sorry to hear that you're having a rough time of it lately. But hopefully things can turn a corner for you now.

    Not too early to start planning Christmas prezzies!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that it's been a tough month lovely - I totally feel you on that. I really hope things start looking up for you.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I hope things start looking up for you!! Life will get there, it just enjoys taking it's sweet time.

    I'm having a love hate relationship with Twitter, I like being on there to chat to people, but I find that the people on there annoy me more often than not. I just use it to schedule my tweets mostly and pop on occasionally. I much prefer instagram.

    Definitely not too early for presents but definitely too early for the C-word.


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