Dear Autumn

September 22, 2015

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Dear Autumn,

Already I see you sneaking into our lives, earlier than your official arrival date like a girlfriend casually leaving her things at her boyfriend's house one thing at a time. The leaves are beginning to fade from luscious greens into rich reds and vibrant yellows. The transformation that you give to the world is truly something; not as lush as summer and yet not as bare as winter. You are the perfect middle ground and each year when you come rolling into town I'm reminded of just how much I enjoy the time we spend together.

It's easy to get caught up in all the cliches of Autumn: the hot drinks, woolen jumpers, crisp mornings and spectacular, early sunsets. And yet I find that when you stumble into our lives, evicting long summer evenings from their regular spot and leaving a slight chill in the morning air, I am too often reminded that your arrival doesn't mean beautiful colours or brisk air most of the time. In fact, living in Scotland ninety-nine per cent of Autumn is taken up by grey skies and mushy leaves beneath our boots. It's not always pretty but over the years I've learnt to appreciate you even if only for the fact that I know that you are the gateway to (whisper it) Christmas.

If I could be so bold as to ask for one thing from you, Autumn, it would be this: can you please be kinder to me that the past few months have been? It seems that Spring and Summer had it out for me this year and all I want is to have a nice, easy run into winter and 2016. Surely that isn't too much to ask, is it? 

Anyway, come in, make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. It's nice to see you again!

Debi x
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  1. I love Autumn colours - such a beautiful season. Here's hoping it's kinder to you than Spring & Summer. x

  2. The season is definitely changing! I very much enjoying watching all the colours change around here.


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