Setting a Routine

September 08, 2015

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Before I sat down to write this (last Tuesday) I spent about an hour planning blog posts and generally trying to organise my life. You may have noticed that I've been a bit AWOL on the blog over the last few months. I'll perhaps explain why in a later blog post but let me just tell you that life hasn't been particularly kind to me lately and it's made it hard to find the time to sit down and scribble out my thoughts onto the rather intimidating white screen in front of me. No more, I say! It's time to get organised.

I'll be honest, I have no idea how anyone works full-time, keeps their home tidy, socialises and blogs. I have enough trouble trying to fit in the last three things in that list never mind working flat out 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. If you are one of these people then I applaud you and implore you to share some of your wisdom - and energy! But it isn't just time or energy that prevents me from writing. Sometimes things are going on in my life that are so messy or too distracting for me to spend a few hours wittering away on the internet, taking random photos and editing them to a better quality. Sometimes I want to write and the words fail me. Sometimes I have nothing interesting to share. 

Then don't write. I hear you say. Take some time off. You don't owe us anything, not even an explanation.

That well may be the case but when writing is so cathartic and such a passion of mine going a month without blogging feels like I've lost a part of me. I wouldn't write my blog if I didn't enjoy it. I wouldn't be eager to set myself a routine, dedicating time specifically to this space on the internet, if it brought me no joy. That would be ridiculous. So that is why today (well, really last Tuesday to you) I sat down and worked out a rough routine for the working week that would allow me to fit in all the different bits and pieces I want to accomplish each week.

Being the one at home every day means that it is mostly my responsibility to keep the house in a fairly presentable manner - and that means daily housework. Ugh! Kami does help with the housework, thankfully, but most of it is left for me just by the very nature of our "working" habits. He's out Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. I don't expect him to come home and do all the housework after I've spent all day blogging, writing or doing whatever else I want to that isn't the housework. So that takes priority with an hour or two each day set aside for that.

I've neglected my novel over the past few months and I want to remedy that. For that reason, each Thursday I'll spend the morning re-reading chapters, editing things that don't make sense and hopefully creating a fuller, more well-rounded story. As I've already said, I absolutely love writing, I just need to set aside the time to do so. Plus, it would be good if I could have my second draft finished my the end of the year and maybe start thinking about my next one.

Now, I've decided that to make sure I squeeze in some blogging time I've decided that each Tuesday morning I will write the next week's posts. This means that I need to have a little bit of foresight as to what said posts are going to be about. For me, the great lover of lists, this means that I have a colour coded spreadsheet of blog titles for the coming weeks. Coming up with blog ideas isn't always straight forward, especially when I don't have much planned for the next month but I'll muddle on through. If I need to take photos for a blog post then I'll set aside time on a Friday to do just that. I've decided that twice a week is enough for blogging at the moment and so you can now expect new posts every Tuesday and Friday.

Of course, weekends are dedicated to spending time with that husband of mine, going on adventures and visiting the family. I do often see my family throughout the week at one point or another but it's nice to keep the weekends free for fun things (and a little bit of housework). 

When I write it out like that you might think that I don't have a lot to take up my time and your probably right. I'm not the most sociable, busy person in the world but I always work better with a routine, a rough outline of how I should be spending my time. Of course, I am always flexible and there is room for a little maneuverability but having a guideline should  help me to get back on track with blogging which is the real goal here.

And it'd be nice to have some time for reading and colouring as well.
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  1. Sounds like you're well on your way to a routine. I'm starting to appreciate a good routine more and more, or at the very least, a good to do list! I write one every day, with the most basic things on (including having a shower haha), but it's a start haha.

    That's just life, blogging on the other hand, that just goes as it pleases, even if I have some kind of fake schedule/plan :)

    I don't know how people do everything haha - I don't do the socialising part. So maybe the trick is only doing three of the four options haha

  2. Sounds fabulous. I never seem to be able to get a routine what with working all over the place!! I do want to try and timebox my blogging a bit more though! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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