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October 02, 2015

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I could bore you with all the many reasons that I haven't written a Blog of the Month post for some time but I'm sure both you and I would rather I just didn't. Who has time for that anyway? What I will say is that I have been slacking with blog reading recently. Most days I'm lucky to read my favourite bloggers posts let alone look further afield for something new. However even through this blog reading drought I find myself continually drawn the the following blog. I hope you will be too...

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Written by the fantastic Charlotte, COLOURS AND CAROUSELS is a lovely little spot on the internet, one that I find myself drawn to even when I'm not particularly in the mood to read blogs! Charlotte describes herself as a "sarcastic wee Scottish lass hailing from the outskirts of Glasgow with a love for food, felines & Hugh Laurie" and this can be found to be true throughout her blog. Active on social media and even found on YouTube, Charlotte always strikes me as a really lovely girl.

Sharing her enjoyment of FASHION, Colours and Carousels is packed full of wonderful OOTD which make me wishing yet again that I had some kind of sense of style so that I could at least attempt something similar. I am a fashion disaster! She also dabbles in a bit of BEAUTY blogging which is always useful in giving me more products to lust over. Being from near Glasgow, like I am, I love seeing the places that Charlotte visits being shared on her blog - especially all the FOOD related places! Seriously, the list of places that I want to try and the food I want to taste grows by the day!

What I really love about Charlotte's blog though is her LIFESTYLE posts. If you know me at all then you'll know how much I like to have a little nosey inside someone's life, particularly when it comes to holidays and visiting new places. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy insightful pieces about current topics or posts about what has made a week great for a blogger. Of course I do! It's just that I really love to get a tiny little piece of someone's experience of somewhere I've never been. It gives me much wanderlust and Colours and Carousels always delivers.

My five favourite POSTS from September::

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  1. Bookmarking for a little look later!

  2. I do love Charlotte's blog and her personality completely shines through on her YouTube videos.
    M x


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