Dear November

November 06, 2015

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Dear November,

There is something about dark nights and mornings that make me more introverted than normal. Blackness fills the windows as evening arrives and my desire to stay at home, in familiar surroundings, grows stronger than ever. The weather has yet to bring that bracing cold that takes my breath away but it's early days yet. I'm sure by the time we say goodbye to you that the bone-chilling cold will have settled down besides up, weaving its way through the tiniest gaps in our windows and doors.

This year it seems as though you are going to be a quiet month for me which to be honest is probably what I need. It'll give me more of an opportunity to spend time Christmas shopping and preparing for Kami's birthday at the end of the month. I really need to stop procrastinating on both of those and just knuckle on down. We have more than twenty people to buy presents for and that isn't including the umpteen birthdays that fall around November, December and January. It's a miracle that we have enough money to pay the bills by the end of it.

With you on our doorstep, I feel like 2015 is nearly at a close. Normally I would complain about how fast time is passing and how I wish it would just slow down but not this year. Honestly, I'll sort of be glad to see the back of 2015. It hasn't necessarily been a bad year but it has failed to deliver time and time again so I'm ready to move on. You and Christmas first though. Let's see if we can muddle through that with no disasters, can we?

Debi x
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  1. I'm with you, I'm not wishing the year away but I'm ready for the next one. A new year sounds quite nice right now. Good luck getting all your gifts in time! I'm glad we don't buy for people when this time of the year comes round.

    1. You are so lucky! We've got so many family members to buy for that it's a wonder that we get it all done in time. We're considering telling extended family that we can't really do proper Christmas presents for them next year as it's all too much. Sort of worried how that would go down though! To be fair we would still get them chocolates or something!


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