Five Things I Need to Do More

November 09, 2015

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I'm at that point of the year (my life?) where I have come to realise that I'm not making enough time for the things I should be. I don't mean family or friends and I don't mean that I don't have enough "me" time. What I am referring to is all the things that I enjoy doing but get pushed to the side because I have more pressing things to do or I really need to watch ten more videos filled with absolute drivel on YouTube.

You'd think that being at home all day, every day I would make time for the following but I don't. I really need to remedy that, don't you agree?

Be it reading an actual book or catching up with my favourite blogs I need to devote more of my time to this. I was a real bookworm as a child and teenager - even into my early twenties - but nowadays there seems to be too many distractions, too many other things that I should or could do that my poor books are growing dusty on the shelf. I need to remember that reading is escapism and that when I'm feeling boxed in my the world I should seek solace in my favourite literary characters.

Write stories, blog posts for my two blogs, lists, ideas. No matter what it is that I need to write I want to do it more. Pen to paper is oddly comforting but that isn't to say that I can't sit behind my laptop tapping away furiously at the keys in front of me. It is seriously one of my biggest passions in life and due to grief and the subsequent depression that it left in its wake writing has been seriously neglected. This needs to be remedied pronto.

Walk the Dog
Don't get me wrong the dog always gets a walk but all too often I leave that task up to the husband. I blame the dark nights making me feel uneasy and the cold making me feel... well, cold. I need to throw on an extra layer or seven and get out for a proper evening walk at least four out of the seven days of the week. Of course, this doesn't count on the weeks that it rains every single day. Roxie enjoys being out in the rain as much as we do and either digs her feet in, refusing to move or pulls for home.

Focus on the Good
It's easy to fall into the trap of focusing on all the negative things going on in my life but I need to focus on all the amazing things that I have to be grateful for. I know that it is easier said than done but it is something that I definitely need to work on.
My sister is the queen of baking (especially low sugar treats) and so baking is not something that I have done a lot of in the past. In fact I think that this year I have baked a measly two times which is ridiculous when you think of all the tasty treats that I am potentially missing out on by not taking to the kitchen! I'd like to get good at baking even just one thing that could become my signature bake.
What do you need to do more?
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  1. I definitely need to read more. I'm thinking of joining a book club to encourage me to do so! Also, wouldn't mind baking more, I still live with my parents though and my mum hates when I mess the kitchen :( haha x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    1. That's the beauty of having my own home and therefore my own kitchen - I can make as much mess as I want. That being said, I absolutely hate a messy kitchen. I have to tidy up as I go along!
      Debi x

  2. I always think I need to read more, but then I remember that I do read a lot of blogs so I'm at least reading something. I enjoy reading the light blog things - but I do miss reading a good book here and there. I've kinda got back into it at the moment though :)

    I feel like doing more baking, I think I'm going to try and add it into some goals for next year.

    1. I'm not nearly as good at reading blogs as I used to be. I still read twitter though, does that count? I started a new book yesterday so at least I am trying to read a little more. Of course, right now I'm doing everything else possible instead of reading!
      Debi x


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