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November 20, 2015

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Here, have a picture of a snail that I really quite like and is completely irrelevant to the ramble that is below...

I don't know about you but excitement and interesting things happening in my life comes in waves and right now I am definitely in a lull.The weather is horrible so I can't do any exploring, I have no social functions happening nor is there any real excitement in my day to day. It's fair to say that right now my life is quite boring. I'm pretty sure that this happens every year, the calm before the storm that is Christmas. 

November is always a bit of a slow-burner for me. I get three good weeks of quietness after a hectic October of birthdays and anniversaries and events before we start really ramping up my social life. Ha! Social life. What's that again? I don't think I actually have one. Just a feeble attempt at being busy and looking interesting before I'll no doubt slip back into obscurity. 

Yet once the excitement is over I'll enjoy the peace and quiet again for a while before feeling like I'm lacking something. And the whole cycle will begin again.

Right now I'm on the precipice of being busy every weekend and no doubt most week nights too until the end of 2015 and maybe even a little into the new year. My schedule becomes a whole lot busier this time next week when my lovely husband turns twenty-six. He's taking his birthday off work so we'll have a long weekend to hopefully do some fun things together. I have a little surprise planned for him which I'll probably share on the blog but on the off chance that he might read this I think I'll keep quiet about that. I've got to get that sorted this week and next which will keep me busy. I hope he likes it. I hope it's not really lame.

The Saturday after that I'm going to see my younger sisters perform in a play called "Top Girls". They are currently studying Acting and Performance in college and it'll be the first time that I've ever seen them properly act with proper roles and lines. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this. I know I'm going to be absolutely bursting with pride!

We'll finish Kami's birthday weekend celebrations with dinner with the in-laws. Every year since we moved out they take us out for dinner at Kami's birthday and it is always nice to have a small catch up just the four of us. It'll be good so long as anxiety doesn't rear its ugly head as it has been doing lately.

And then we'll be into Christmas preparations and everything will get a bit manic for a while. I'll stress about not being ready for Christmas. I'll worry that I haven't gotten people "good" presents, that I haven't spent enough even though our budget doesn't allow for much. I'll panic we won't be ready in time. I'll complain about the weather. At the end of the day, when all is said and done and December the 25th lands on our doorstep, I know everything will be grand. It won't stop me worrying until then though!
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  1. Snails for the win!

    I hope Kami loves the surprise! Even if it is lame, I love doing lame things for Kris, it's nice to have that person you can do lame things with and them enjoy the lame-ness :)

    Everything seems to be in a bit of a lull right now. Like you say, the calm before the holidays. I'm looking forward to everything picking up in the New Year!

    1. I'm hoping that next year will be constantly awesome instead of this quietness. I'm feeling awfully boring even if it is giving me more time than usual to blog. Good thing too with two blogs on the go now!
      Debi x


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