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November 16, 2015

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I've been with my husband, Kami, for a really long time now; over ten years in fact, and I think that it is probably fair to say that we know almost everything that there is to know about the other. From important dates to likes and dislikes we have all the information about the other stored away in the deepest recesses of our brains. A simple look across a crowded room can say a thousand words and we have more inside jokes than you can shake a stick at. And yet sometimes, completely out of the blue, you'll realise that you've never answered some of the really big, important questions and you'll wonder if you even know them at all.*

This is one of these conversations...

Lying in bed one night, a comfortable silence filling the room as I start to drift to sleep. The same can't be said for my husband whose brain is still clearly on overdrive.

Husband: If you could turn into any animal what would you choose? I mean, if you could transform into an animal on a whim and then back to a human again. Nothing permanent.
Me: I don't really know...probably some sort of bird so that I could fly. How about you?
Husband: A giraffe.
Me: Really? A giraffe? Why on earth would you want to be a giraffe?
Husband: So I could see things high up.
Me: Hmm... I think I'd be a bird like a robin. No, actually, a blue tit.
Husband giggles like a schoolgirl.
Me: They are cute birds! And I could get from place to place without having to wait in traffic and all that.
Husband: Good point. I was only joking about being a giraffe. [pauses] I don't think I'd want to be a ferocious animal either so nothing like a tiger even though they are my favourite. It's a bit impractical. I think I'd probably turn into a hawk.
Me: I think you'd be able to fly a lot further as a hawk than I would as a blue tit. I think that says a lot more about us that we intended it too. You're way more adventurous than I am. I wouldn't want to go too far from home.
Husband: Yeah. [silence] Well goodnight.

*A giant dollop of sarcasm here.
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  1. I love this so very much. Those seemingly inane conversations are some of my absolute favourite moments of being married. I don't know why, they're utterly ridiculous. Maybe it's the idea that you can be your absolute real self with another person that's good for your soul. Whether your soul is a blue tit or a mighty hawk.
    M x

    1. I may have taken the idea from you just a tiny bit. To be fair, this was just one of those conversations that I thought "hey, that might be good for the blog." You're right though, Kami and I talk about the most random stuff that we would never talk to anyone else about. I think it's just being so comfortable with him that does it. He knows I'm crazy and a little bit weird and vice versa. We don't have to hide it from each other.
      Debi x

  2. My favourite part of these conversations that that one person has always thought more into it than the other and you're always left wondering what really goes on in their head.

    I never thought of a giraffe though... I think that will be a contender next time we have to discuss our animal transformation preferences.

    1. In this case Kami was definitely more into it. He had some thought process about what type of animal would be best/most useful and everything. I thought a giraffe was a bit of an odd choice!
      Debi x


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