25 Things To Do This Christmas

December 07, 2015

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1. Go for a walk or drive around your area to see all the different Christmas lights and decorations. 
In the UK it's not quite as over the top as American movies lead us to believe their decorations are but it's still quite a sight.

2. Make hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.
Kami doesn't drink hot chocolate (he's strictly a tea drinker) so that just means more for me. I do have to make sure he doesn't steal my marshmallows though! 

3. Decorate the house.
This is an obvious one but it's still a lot of fun. Nothing makes me feel more Christmassy than pulling out the Christmas tree and decorations, and giving the house a festive makeover.

4. Listen to all the cheesy Christmas music.
The cheesier the better. If you're not inwardly cringing at your music taste over the festive period then I'm afraid that you might be doing it wrong. I may have made a playlist on Spotify especially for when we were decorating the house!

5. Get baking.
I am in no way talented when it comes to baking delicious goodies and yet when Christmas rolls around I always want to get into the kitchen and have a go making something new. Anything cinnamon flavoured at Christmas is good for me.

6. Take photos.
Whether it's out on wintry walks, opening presents or around the dinner table on Christmas Day get snapping away with your camera. It's lovely to record all the special moments spent with family at Christmas. I know I wish I had taken more photographs over the last few years.

7. Get crafty.
Some people are insanely good at homemade gifts for Christmas but if you don't think you are why not settle for making your own Christmas cards? If you have a list as long as your arm of people that you have to send cards to maybe only make ones for your nearest and dearest while buying cards for everyone else.

8. Wear a Christmas jumper.
You can be cosy and look cute. Perfect, right?

9. See a pantomime.
Last year I went to see my younger sisters perform in a pantomime for their theatre group and this time I went to see one that they helped run. T did set and A was stage manager. It might not have been full-on "professional" as it was a college production but it was awesome and you wouldn't have noticed the difference.

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10. Read a Christmas themed book.
This year I've decided to go with The Christmas Bake Off by Abby Clements. I only just started it so I can't really say if it's really any good - or extra Christmassy! Still, it's nice to read a Christmas themed book.

11. Do a £12 stocking challenge.
Last year Kami and I decided to do a £12 stocking challenge in which we bought each other as many gifts as we could to put in the others' stocking but we couldn't spend a penny over £12. You know, for the twelve days of Christmas. It was amazing to see what we got each other so we're doing it again this year.

12. Take a long walk.
Despite being few and far between in Scotland, I love bright, sunny, crisp days in the winter. The kind that you're shivering in your boots, wrapped up to the nines while squinting in the sun? That kind of day. On such days nothing beats a long walk in the park with the dog and husband. I highly recommend it.

13. Watch your favourite Christmas movie.
Watching Christmas movies is strictly reserved for December in our household and my absolute favourite is It's A Wonderful Life. Every year all my family get together at my parents' house on Christmas Eve to watch it together and it's epic.

14. Hold a Secret Santa party
This is something I used to do when I was at high school when I had a large group of friends. Every year we would do a Secret Santa and the weekend before Christmas everyone would come to my house to exchange gifts. Open the gifts early or save them as an extra present on Christmas Day!

15. Visit relatives and make the most of family time.
Over the festive period I like to spend as much time as possible with my nearest and dearest. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, life is always more fun when I have my family around me.

16. Eat your favourite seasonal foods.
Whether that's Christmas pudding (yuck!) or mince pies (yum!) stock up and enjoy before those pesky supermarkets stop selling them again.

17. Turn off all the lights.
Once it gets really dark in the evenings and the decorations are all out I love to light a few candles (anything cinnamon scented) and pop on the Christmas tree lights. It makes me feel so cosy.

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18. Get an advent calendar.
Nothing says Christmas better than a daily dose of chocolate, am I right?

19. Make a yummy breakfast on Christmas Day.
The 25th of December is all about eating far too much food if you ask me so why not start the day off with something good. Kami and I usually settle for a bacon, egg and potato scone roll with a cup of tea for him and a coffee for me. Maybe this year I'll make cinnamon French toast instead though!

20. Make a list of everything you've accomplished this year.
This is essentially what I do in my yearly round-up on my blog. It makes even the dullest years seem more exciting when you only focus on the good.

21. Wrap all the presents.
Some may say that it is a waste of paper to wrap all the presents you've bought without exception but I say it elongates the time spent opening the presents on Christmas Day so it's totally worthwhile. Plus, so long as we recycle the paper then it's really not that bad.
22. Write a letter to Santa.
I wrote THIS last year and I'm planning on writing another one. It's really less of a letter to Santa and more of a letter to the universe asking for non-materialistic things.

23. Spend the day in your pjs.
This might be something that many of you do on a regular basis in the winter but not me. I usually reserve this for the lull between Christmas and New Year. A relaxed day reading new books or watching films while wrapped up in new pjs is the ideal way to recover from the mania that is Christmas and prepare for New Year celebrations.

24. Show some kindness.
This could be absolutely anything for a stranger or someone you know. Why not offer to help someone with wrapping their Christmas presents or show a little kindness during the chaos of Christmas shopping by holding a door open or saying thank you to someone who let's you passed.

25. Forget all your worries.
Allow yourself to be fully immersed in having a good time on Christmas Day with your friends and family. Try to leave your worries at the door just for 24 hours. No doubt they'll still be there in the morning.
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  1. I used to love driving around the neighbourhood at christmas time and looking at all the lights as a kid. They don't really decorate the houses here, but I think it's because we are a student town so they've all gone home for the holidays.

    I guess I could add one more idea: visit a Christmas market :)

    1. Ooh, I forgot to add visit a Christmas market to the list! Glasgow doesn't ever have a particularly good Christmas market but Edinburgh does. I think we might have to make a trip out there next year!
      Debi x

  2. I love this list! I really want to go walking around again downtown and see all the Christmas lights. I love it, it just looks sooo magical :)

    1. I love looking at all the Christmas lights. I particularly like going around our little neighbourhood with Roxie and Kami on Christmas Eve and seeing how overboard some of the houses have gone on lights!
      Debi x


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