A Play and A Christmas Panto

December 14, 2015

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Although I can count the number of times I have been to the theatre on my hands I have always enjoyed the experience of seeing a show whether it be a musical, a pantomime or a play. When my younger sisters began acting with a theatre school less than eighteen months ago I was beyond excited at the prospect of seeing them perform - and getting more theatre trips! With their theatre school days behind them and acting college (and amateur dramatic groups) taking up all of their time now, it's a wonder that they even find time to sleep.

At the end of November, I saw them properly perform for the first time with their local drama group in "Top Girls",  a play which looks at the role of women in society and what success really means for women. If I'm honest the actual play was a bit odd and disjointed but that has nothing to do with the performances, only the play itself. 

Seeing Abbi and Tiia in their first real roles was incredible, they are top girls if you will. I mean, being their older sister I was aware that they are both talented (not to mention beautiful and smart) but to see them on stage, acting so confidently, knowing all their lines and executing them perfectly was amazing. I love knowing that they are both doing something that they love and succeeding at it.

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A week later, and into the first few days of December, we also went to a college production of Peter Pan. Abbi and Tiia are in their first year of studying at the college and therefore it was their year's role to be the crew behind this pantomime with the third years doing the acting. With Abbi as stage manager and Tiia doing the set we couldn't not go to see the performance and I'm certainly glad we did. It was a really professional pantomime with oodles of talent and even a flying Peter Pan(!) but without the hefty price tag that comes with "professional" pantos that you would see in your local theatre. You know the ones I mean, with all those "celebrities" that you have no idea who they actually are. Honestly, if you fancy a Christmas panto next year I would consider seeing what your local colleges have to offer. If you are lucky they might just give you a great show like this one did for a fraction of the normal price.

I'm going to be honest, I hope Abbi and Tiia are involved with a lot more shows in the future. Not just because they are ridiculously talented but because I really enjoy going to the theatre!
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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I haven't been to see a show in a very very long time (possibly, ever) and we thought about doing it when we went to New York, but it's just too expensive for us. This is a nice way to enjoy the festive pantomime spirit and save on the pennies!

    1. Going to a full-on theatre show is so expensive, especially when you think about going in London or New York. I'm jealous of anyone who has the money to go regularly!
      Debi x


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