Christmas Nails 2015

December 21, 2015

 photo Christmas nails2.jpg
 photo Christmas nails 2015.jpg

I haven't done a NOTD here in the longest time but to be honest, I haven't really been dabbling in nail art all that often recently so you haven't been missing out on much. That being said, I couldn't resist doing a little Christmas NOTD so here it is. It was super simple with three nail polishes: Barry M Matt White, Zoya Lux and Nicole by O.P.I Daisy's Lazy. I also had sticky little strips for nail art but I have no idea where they are from as I got them as a Christmas present last year. What I will say is they weren't very sticky and didn't last too long. That might have something to do with the amount of times I readjusted them though!

What is your favourite nail art for Christmas? Reds or blues?
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  1. They look so awesome! I don't have the patience to sit still and wait for nail polish to dry, although my cousin is really into nail art so I should take advantage of her while I'm home ;)

  2. They look adorable! I love Christmas nails!

    Be | lovefrombe


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