Dear Winter

December 28, 2015

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Dear Winter, 

I think you get a bit of a bad rap. It dawned on me today, just as I sat down to write this letter, that you aren't as bad as so many people (myself included) too often like to insinuate. Sure, you're not exactly all sunshine and rainbows as you slip cold in through the cracks in our windows, chills creep under the door, a black darkness descending upon us all. You make going outside a chore with your freezing rain and gale force winds. You leave a permanent gloominess everywhere you tread and it's hard to see the good in you. But I know it's there.

Sure, you scatter the world with a darkness but you also bring light. The light of Christmas trees and candles in warm houses filled with joy and laughter. The light of slightly longer days as one by one the evenings and mornings get brighter as we creep our way slowly to Spring. The light and hope of a new year that is dawning, the ability to draw the curtain over a bad year, plunging it into darkness.

Sometimes, if we are lucky enough, you'll also dust our world with snow. Just enough that it is fun and not too much that our daily lives have to come to a standstill. I guess it depends on what kind of mood your in what we will get. I'm hoping for the former. There is just so much on in our day to day that too much snow loses it's charm. There isn't much that is better than that fresh, untouched snow or the way each unique flake flutters softly to the ground, is there?

This year though you don't seem to have brought that bracing cold that we expect from you. In fact, it's been unseasonably warm recently. I bet that's just because you're waiting to bring a cold snap to our doors in the new year.

The cold is something I can't stand about you, Winter, but I'm beginning to see its perks. When it's so cold that I'm chilled down to the bone it is the perfect excuse to courie in beside Kami, under a blanket with Roxie sleeping at our side, and spend some quality time with him. When the summer sends the duvet sprawling and each of us to the opposite sides of the bed to cool down, you draw us together. I think that's maybe why I like you, Winter. You bring people together.

With all that in mind I have decided that this year I'm not going to moan. I'm not going to wish you away. Instead I'm going to savour every little, special moment you give us and say goodbye as friends when it is Spring's time to stay.

Debi x

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