Kami's Birthday Surprise

December 04, 2015

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All the way back in September I decided that for Kami's birthday I wanted to do something a little different. In an absolutely ideal world I would have taken him for a long weekend somewhere nice on holiday but with his birthday four weeks before Christmas who has the money for that?! My thinking cap firmly on my head I took to PINTEREST in search of some inspiration when I stumbled upon an indoor camp out idea. It seemed like the perfect idea and I set about organising it over the next couple of months.

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I borrowed my sister's tent and the day before his birthday while he was at work I started putting it all together. It would be a lie if I said it went smoothly. For a moment I thought the tent wouldn't fit in our living room even after rearranging the furniture and even dismantling our dinner table to move into the spare room but fortunately it did. I fear there may have been very frustrated tears if it hadn't! With the tent up and in position with enough room to move around our living room, I strung the fairy lights around the door. I later decided to change this and put them in the tent with us. This was a much better idea and looked nicer too!

Being a four person tent there was more than enough space inside for all the bits and pieces I wanted to fill it with. I laid out our bedding and even popped a small table in one corner, stacked with a hamper of treats and board games to play, Roxie's bed sat in the other corner. Even with all that in the tent there was ample room for us. 

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For Kami coming home I put all the lights off except from the fairy lights in the tent and waited. He had been aware that I had a surprise but he didn't have any idea what it was nor did he realise that it would be there the day before his birthday so I think it's fair to say he was surprised! Thankfully he didn't think it was an awful idea although he did admit that it was a bit dorky but "such a Debi thing to do." I don't know whether or not that is a complement.

We spent the evening lounging about in the tent, playing board games and even toasted some marshmallows on tea lights for the real camping experience. Of course, we didn't do that in the tent. We didn't want to set the place on fire after all! We slept in the tent that night and in the morning we woke up, Kami opened his presents and I made some cinnamon French toast (recipe coming soon). Kami's birthday was spent mainly in the tent, having a lazy, relaxed day which is just what the doctor ordered before all the Christmas madness that is about to follow.

So yes, it may have been a little bit dorky but hey, at least it was a hit!
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  1. That's a genius idea!! If I had something bigger than a two person tent, I would definitely do this for Kris's birthday! Actually, I'm going to think about planning something for Kris's birthday in February now, you've inspired me!

    1. It was so much fun to put all this together for his birthday. Even if it did leave me feeling shattered putting the tent up all by myself! I already have another birthday surprise in mind for next year.
      Debi x

  2. Aw this is so lovely and such a good idea! Glad he had a good birthday! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I was so glad he had a good birthday too! I was so worried he'd think the whole thing was lame!
      Debi x


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