2015: Looking Back

January 01, 2016

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It would be very easy to look back on 2015 and solely see it as the year I lost my three tiny, little babies. It would be easy to think only of the emotional and physical pain that I endured multiple times this year, hopes and dreams left shattered and myself broken. It would be easy to get caught up in the negatives and the heartache but the truth is, those tough times aside, this year has been pretty good.

We travelled to AMSTERDAM and YORKSHIRE; two very different holidays, two very different places. I don't ever really get wanderlust (I'm too much of a homebody for that) but I love experiencing new places and soaking up all that these places have to offer. Of course, I'm also partial to the much better weather they have in comparison to Scotland. Who can blame me? About 90% of the time it is miserable in my lovely little country.

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We had twelve successful DATES this year, one each month. Whilst I was absolutely rotten at blogging about them they very much happened and I'm in the process of coming up with another twelve for next year as they were such a hit. I managed to score off a few things from my BEFORE I'M 30 list including a trip to the ice-hockey and watching amateur American football. We explored so many places this year whenever the weather was good enough with a lovely long walk with Roxie. Some of my favourites were MUGDOCK COUNTRY PARK and QUEEN ELIZABETH FOREST PARK.

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The thing I am most proud of, the thing that I am promising to remember about whenever I reminisce about 2015, is how strong Kami and I have grown, how strong I have become. I have my moments of weakness - we all do - but I am a far stronger and braver person than I ever thought I would be. I pick myself up and dust myself off time and time again, each time more determined than before to succeed. I can't give up on my hopes and dreams nor do I want to. I know that I'm lucky though; I couldn't have been this strong without Kami. He is my rock, my entire world and not a day passes where I am not eternally grateful that he is in my life. 

Yes, 2015 was the year that we lost so much and experienced true heartbreak but it was also the year that we grew strong. It was the year I knew, 100%, that there is nothing that I cannot weather with Kami by my side. We are unbeatable.  

Happy New Year, my lovely readers. I hope that 2016 brings both you and I everything that we desire.

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  1. Happy New Year lovely.
    You have such a strong and beautiful soul. I'm very sorry for all your heartbreak and I salute your spirit.
    It seems you really have had some wonderful adventures in the past year too and thats an awesome thing to look back on. Jake and I made a promise to each other last January that we'd spend at least 1 'date day' a month together but I think we've maybe had 3 all year...this year we'll have to work on that haha!

    To your health and happiness <3

  2. I love how you focus on the positive despite what you've been through. It's such a great attitude to have and I know you will have a great 2016 because of it <3 Happy new year xx

    Sinead | Dreaming Again


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