Before I'm 30:: Update Two

January 18, 2016

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Another six months closer to the big 3-0?! How can that be?

Fortunately time is still very much on my side for completing the following list, not that it'll necessarily be an easy task. In fact, if last year was anything to go by then I think that it will prove to be quite a tricky task indeed!

Anyway, it's time for my second update so let's just get cracking, shall we?

1. Buy a house with a garden
2. Have a baby. 
Not due to a lack of trying. Four losses last year; two very early losses, one ECTOPIC and one MISSED MISCARRIAGE. I don't know what 2016 holds for us where this goal is concerned but if you want to know more about our journey I now have a second blog, JACK RUSSELLS & RAINBOWS.
3. Learn to drive
4. Have a smile to be proud of
5. Start my own business
6. Have at least one date night a month each year. [completed 2015] 
I have my little date envelopes ready for all of 2016. I just hope we manage to complete them all this year like we did in 2015!
7. Grow a beautiful garden 

8. Keep a gratitude jar for a year
9. Learn to be more confident and control anxiety
10. Donate to/raise money for charity
11. Take care of my body & mind (meditate, yoga, work out). 
I'm wanting to start working out properly as I'm just not happy with myself at the moment.
12. Do a good deed 

13. Do a 365 photo challenge [2015 FAILED] 
I'd like to give this a shot again but not this year. Maybe 2017 or maybe from my 27th birthday to my 28th?
14. Continue to blog and reach 500 followers
15. Edit first novel and decide whether or not to publish/self publish
16. Try a write every day for a year challenge
17. Write my second novel. 
I've got a rough plot in mind and I know my main characters but it needs a lot of work. I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on this one in February. 

 photo bi30.jpg

18. See theatre (a play, not a musical) [completed November 2015]
My younger sisters, Abbi and Tiia, performed in an amateur performance of TOP GIRLS.
19. See a ice hockey game [completed October 2015]
I've seen two ice hockey games now, the first of which was in October as a part of my anniversary present to Kami. The atmosphere at an ice hockey game is great and while I'm still learning all the rules, I really enjoy the game.
20. See a basketball game
21. See an American football game 
I've seen several American football games now that Kami plays on D-Line for the Glasgow Tigers but I still would like to see some proper NFL. Kami's team, the New York Giants, should be coming to play a game in London at the end of the year. If we can scrape together enough pennies I think we'd like to go see that.
22. See ballet
23. See a jazz band
24. Read 50% of RORY GILMORE'S READING LIST - Currently at 12.5%
25. Relearn how to knit
Only just started to re-teach myself this. Once I can do more than a basic knit stitch and have also made something then I'll consider this complete!
26. Try five new board/card games 

27. Visit the Harry Potter Studios
28. Visit Paris
29. Visit Rome
30. See the Northern Lights

What do you want to achieve before your next "big" birthday?
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  1. You've been making some good progress! I do love the idea of one date night a month, I might have to talk Kris into that :)

    1. In December I wrote out little cards with all my date ideas for the year and on the 1st of each month Kami opens them. The idea is that we complete it that month and do something new and interesting together each time. It's pretty good.
      Debi x

  2. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction with your 30 before 30. I keep forgetting I wrote one of these down myself. Need to see how i'm getting along seeing i'm turning 30 this year!

    1. I only seem to remember about the list every six months or so. I'm not sure that some of the things on the list will actually get completed but I think that's got to do with how my tastes have changed already!
      Debi x


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