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January 11, 2016

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First tag of the 2016! Whoop, whoop!

To be honest, tags are a bit of a filler post for when I am lacking a little bit of inspiration or when I feel like sharing things that I probably wouldn't otherwise. Today I think it's a little combination of blog in this post Christmastime slump. This tag came from the wonderful Lily at JOLI HOUSE.

1. Something you would never do again?   
Oh, I don't know. I'm not a particularly adventurous person so I sort of stick to what I know and don't really push the boundaries in life. This does mean that I only do things that I think I would be comfortable with and enjoy doing. I guess I would never get married again though. After all, this is meant to be for life plus I hated planning a wedding. It was not all the fun that it was cracked up to be.

2.  If you could change one decision you made, what would it be?   
I don't think that I would change a decision that I've already made if I was given the chance. I was actually having a conversation with Kami a little while ago about being able to change something in the past and decided that if time travel was possible, and therefore you would be able to change a decision, I'd rather go to the future. That way, I could see how my life was headed and make alterations about how I was living life right now.

3.  Is everything going to plan?  
Definitely not but everything in life never goes quite to plan, does it? I'm truly hoping that 2016 can be the year for me and I can get everything back on track.

4.  Favourite gift you’ve ever received?   
I have received so many amazing gifts in the past that it's really hard to choose just one.

5.  If you were able to pause time at any point in your lifetime, when would you choose?  
Well it would have to be a point in my life where I had Kami and Roxie. I couldn't imagine living life without them so it would have to be sometime after my 22nd birthday. I think I would probably say 25 although it has to be said that it wasn't the best year I ever had but it was a pretty good age to be.

6.  I’m a little embarrassed that I still…  
Can't do one single push-up. Hello lack of upper body strength. It's not particularly embarrassing but it does make me feel super lame and weak!

7.  If you could have coffee with any 3 people, who would they be?   
Any three people at all? Would it be really lame just to choose people that I already see quiet often? Kami because I love his company, my best friend, Steph, because she lives down in London and I'm lucky if I get to see her twice a year and... you?

8.  Which blog post will you never publish?  
If I'm honest, I don't think that there is much I wouldn't hit the publish button on nowadays. I feel like I share a lot of personal things on this blog from anxiety to pregnancy losses. It's almost as though I use this place as an online diary sometimes. Is that a good thing?

9.  What do you like and dislike about being a girl/boy? 
What do I like about being a girl? I don't know. I'm trying to think about all those stereotypical things that a girl is or can do and all I'm seeing is how annoying they can be. Like it is great that I can get all dolled up, do my hair, wear nice make-up but it's also a ridiculous cost, there are too many unrealistic expectations of how I should look and I don't do fashion. Still, sometimes it's fun.
I'm a feminist and so in terms of dislikes I could get all serious here about the lack of equality on both sides of the gender argument but I think I'll maybe leave that for another time. For today I'll complain about periods instead and how they are cripplingly painful. Like, seriously, they are the worst thing ever.

10.  What do you want to know?  
I want to know what 2016 has in store for me, if I will get the things that I want or whether I'll be waiting around some more, feeling sorry for myself.

11.  What makes you feel like you’ve got your sh*t together?  
Honestly, a tidy house. When my house is tidy and clean, Kami and I are well fed and Roxie is content that is when I feel most like I've got my shit together. In the grand scheme of things I definitely never have my shit together. I'm a twenty-something still floundering and trying to get a firm footing on the world - I don't have my shit together but I do have a tidy house.

12.  Strangest discussion you’ve had this week?  
It wasn't a discussion but I did mishear Kami one night this week and thought he said "beef salute." We decided that it was a bit like being slapped in the face with a steak rather than the traditional wet fish. I can't actually remember what he actually said but it was most definitely not "beef salute." Ah, the weird and wonderful things that we chat about in bed; this and THAT CHAT.

13.  Are you taken seriously?  
It depends what you are specifically referring to. I have certainly felt in the past that I wasn't taken particularly seriously due to my age (or how old I looked) and gender. One time that springs to mind when this was the case was when I was doing jury duty and everyone though I was about 19 instead of 24. That doesn't sound like a big age gap but they certainly treated me as a child and didn't take what I had to say as seriously as the older people in the jury.
That being said, I like to think that my opinions are taken seriously especially by the people who know me best.

14.  If I let anger tell me what to do…  
I probably wouldn't talk to whoever I was angry at for a long time.
I'll be honest, I am not particularly good with confrontation or holding a grudge so I sort of avoid all situations that would make me angry if that is possible. I don't get angry very often and if I do it is over the silliest of things and doesn't last for long.

15.  What kind of person attracts you?
Someone smart and funny who has ambition but is loyal, and true to themselves.

I'm not one for tagging people normally but I'm going to tag Kerri from CRUMBS IN THE BED as we all know she loves a good tag. Sorry but it had to be done. Of course, anyone else that wants to do it to feel free...
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I quite like these questions, so I'll be making a note to do this tag soon! I still have another one to do from last year haha (I love saying "last year" in January, it makes everything sound so long a go!).
    You know, I don't think anyone has their shit together, I think the real definition of having your shit together, is just knowing you don't have your shit together and being OK with it :) That's what I tell myself anyway.
    I'm going to have to do some soul searching to come up with some good answers! Although, I do know my favourite gift: my camera from Kris, my most used and best loved gift I ever received.

    Hmm, I'm not sure why my profile is coming up as unknown...

  3. These are a bit soul searchy aren't they? I like it! A tag with some substance. Extra points to you for tagging Kerri too :-)
    I definitely don't want to know what the year has in store for me, last year sucked so I think I'm still in pessimist mode. Ick.
    Wishing you a happy healthy year Debs.
    M x

  4. I totally can't do push ups, i'm happy to accept that I never will be able too! Haha


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