Dear February

February 01, 2016

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Dear February,

Boy, am I glad to see the back of January and hopefully say farewell to the gloom and doom that it brought my way. There's something always rather disappointing about January. It never brings that fresh slate I hope for that the new year seems to promise when you are looking at it from December. I only hope that you can be the month that things start to pick up.

I can't say that I have much planned over the next few weeks, I'm kind of keeping myself open to spontaneity (scary!) and the possibility of filling my time with good experiences. I do know that we'll have our February date challenge to complete which is always good fun, if I do say so myself. My eldest sister has her birthday in the middle of the month which means that I'll at least get a little family time then - and cake! Oh, we can't forget about the cake.

Despite being Scottish I'm also really looking forward to the Super Bowl. Between my dad enjoying the sport for many years and Kami now playing for our local team, I'm sort of hooked on the sport. After watching much of the season and choosing my team (Carolina Panthers) back in September it'll be great to see them in the Super Bowl. Either way it'll be a fun night with Kami, wrapped up in the duvet on the couch, eating snacks into the early hours of the morning. Mustn't forget to nap beforehand though!

Proper plans aside, there are a few things that I'd like to achieve this month, mostly carrying on from what I started in January. I want to keep up with the exercising that I've been doing whether that be my two mile walk with Roxie in the afternoons or the kettlebell work out that I have begun. It doesn't really matter. All I know is that I desperately want to get to the point that I'm happy with my body rather than feeling like a lazy slob.

Continuing on from that, I also intend on trying to maintain better eating habits. Lots of smoothies packed full of fruit and veg, good well balanced meals and less snacks is definitely on the cards. This isn't a feeble attempt to lose weight. It's just that after Christmas I felt terrible with the amount of junk food I had consumed. I don't just mean a guilt for that extra chocolate (or five) but the way it was making my body feel. It's something I am working on changing.

And finally, I want to put more effort into writing again; be it on this blog or the novel I have currently in its infancy. I'll have to strike a good balance between all my priorities, my "social life" and hobbies to achieve this but I think that it could be manageable.

Seeing all that written down makes me think that you might not end up being too bad a month, February. You might not be the fresh start that I was hopeful for at the beginning of 2016 but maybe, just maybe, you'll be the stepping stone into a better year.

Debi x
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  1. I hope your February is pretty darn awesome! Sounds like some good family times planned. Although January went by in a blue, I'm glad it's post, because you can really get started with the year now.

    Good luck with those kettlebells!


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