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February 26, 2016

Is it just me or are tags the most perfect way to fill in the gaps in your schedule when your struggling for inspiration? I hate when I find myself struggling to find ideas to keep having interesting content appear on my blog and so when I spotted the If I Could Tag over on Kerri's blog (LIFE AS UNUSUALS) it seemed like the perfect stop gap.

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If I could live anywhere 

I can't say that I would ever live anywhere other than Glasgow, or the surrounding area. I love my hometown and being close to my family is always the most important thing. I would get too homesick if I moved away.

If I could have any home

Now this is something I would most definitely change if I could. As much as I love my little two bedroom flat I'd love to get a new house somewhere nearby that had three bedrooms, maybe four, space for an office and a games room for Kami. I wouldn't want anything too much, no big, luxurious house. Just a modest one with a garden. There has to be a garden!

If I could have any garden

Speaking of which, I would love to fill my garden with some of my favourite flowers: freesias, hydrangeas, carnations, pansies... plenty of low maintenance beauty. I'd probably like some sort of decking or patio that I could sit out in the sunshine and read the days away. At the end of the day, the only thing I'd really want from a garden would for it to be secure so that my little escape-artist pooch couldn't do a runner.  

If I could be on holiday right now

If I had plenty of money then I would probably go on my DREAM EURO ROAD TRIP. However if my grand road trip wasn't feasible then I think that I would probably like to go to Estonia again. I've never been with Kami and I would love more than anything to take him there - even if the February weather wouldn't be particularly nice! That being said, if I decided that my desire for sunshine was too strong then I would probably go to Portugal or Italy.

If I could have any job

I would just love to be a writer, particularly of novels, but as we can see from my absolute drivel here I don't exactly have that special something that makes it plausible. Still, that doesn't stop me from enjoying writing for pleasure. Something that I am sure I will do for many years to come.

If I could have any talent

Following on from the previous question, I would like to have a finer flair for creative writing. It would be fantastic have that ability to pour out wonderful stories and then be brave enough to put myself out there and see if they could be published. I mean that is the dream.

If I could live any day again

If I am completely honest, at this moment in time, I do not think that there is a day I would like to live again. It seems silly to me to want to live one day again, no matter how amazing that day may have been. Is it not better to live in the here and now, looking forward to the future?

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  1. Tags are my favourite blog post filler haha! I actually liked this one, it wasn't too many questions, and the idea behind it was a lot of fun.

    Modest houses are the best idea, enough space to have what you want, but not too much that it takes too long to clean.

    I think you could definitely pursue writing! Why not?! You could always self publish your first book and go from there! Blogs are from dribble haha, books are where the real writing goes on! If you wrote something up and tried to get it out there, then that's win if it goes well, if not, just change your name and pretend nothing ever happened ;)

  2. I would love to be a writer too! A stay at home blogger/writer/artist type person, oh that would be lovely.


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