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February 08, 2016

I'll be honest, I'm not really one for celebrating Valentine's day (more on that on Friday) but I am aware that there are plenty of people out there that are. Some people love the indulgence of the day, celebrating one of the greatest feelings that we as humans get to experience. And who can blame them for that?! Who doesn't want to show their love to that special someone? Who doesn't enjoy giving or receiving gifts?

But not every body has the cash to splash - especially those of us are still feeling the pinch after Christmas and New Year. Yes, sometimes that January pay cheque doesn't quite fix that dwindling bank balance enough to have some extravagant day in February. Instead I have a couple of ideas that, should you wish to celebrate the day, won't break your bank balance!

 photo 52 Love Cards.jpg
52 Cards of Love
This is something that I did for Kami for our first wedding anniversary (and our tenth anniversary of being together) and whilst it is entirely corny, and possibly a little bit sickening, he absolutely love it. The best part about it? This gift is literally the cost of a pack of playing cards. 

All you need is a pen, paper, glue, a pack of playing cards and fifty-two reasons why you love your partner. Simple! As much as I love Kami even I struggled to come up with fifty-two reasons so maybe it's not quite as simple as it seemed! Just write out your reasons on the paper before sticking them to the playing cards! 

It doesn't cost much but it is certainly a thoughtful gift.

Pamper Day
You don't need to pay a stupid amount of money to have a spa/pamper day. Kami and I have had our own little pamper days at home on several occasions and do you know what? It's really quite nice. From facials to massages, tasty drinks and snacks, the whole idea of a pamper day is to relax entirely. Of course you can always add some meditation music and light some candles if you really want to set the mood.
Again, the wonderful thing about this idea is it simply has to cost as much as you want it too. You might already have all the things you need in your house or it might only be a small expenditure to have the ultimate pamper day in your own home!

 photo PIcnic Date Feb.jpg Romantic Picnic
If you are lucky enough to live in warmer climes then by all means venture out and about but for us, in February, there is not a chance that we would be able to do that! So instead you could settle for an indoor picnic over lunch. Think of all the wonderful foods that you love most, make smoothies or flasks of tea (or open some bubbly if that is your kind of thing) and lay it all out on a blanket in the living room. Maybe light a few fresh, spring candles for that added romance.

It's another idea that won't break the bank as you won't have to buy anything that you wouldn't have already bought. This makes this an ideal gesture for those feeling strapped for cash.
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  1. The pack of cards idea is corny, that I might even do it! Although, I'd probably get 10 cards in and then just write funny things. I think I'll do that :)

  2. I like these ideas! This will be a new kind of Valentine's day for me. My ex and I have spent the past 6 Valentine's Days together and this year will be the first that we will not be together.
    I am thankful that I met a sweet gentleman though that I will be spending my day with... I don't think we are going to do much though. we are keeping it simple and are planning on ordering a heart-shaped pizza (because we both LOVE pizza so much lol) and watching some WWE wrestling on TV. honestly it sounds a little lame (not really, lol!) but I'm excited to just have a chill valentine's day :) hey as long as you are with someone you care about, that's all that matters in the end! :)


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