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February 12, 2016

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Ah, Valentine's Day. The day of Love (with a capital L). The day of chocolates and flowers, of romantic gestures and no doubt a silly amount of proposals.

Or as I like to think of it: February 14th.

That's the thing about Valentine's Day. It is simply just another day in my household. There are no chocolates or presents. Kami doesn't present me with a bouquet of over priced flowers and I don't make a delicious home cooked meal for us to share over candlelight. It's just not us.

I know what you are thinking:

"But Debi, you've been with Kami for ages. You probably just don't do it any more because you're comfortable. Because you think you are above it."

Well, no. The truth is we have never really done Valentine's Day. I mean I think we might have ten years ago in 2006 when we went to see Walk the Line (with my sisters) and there was a small exchange of presents. But since then? Nothing.
In the past I have had numerous people stare at me in amazement or chastise Kami for not doing "something" for Valentine's Day but it doesn't mean that we love each other any less than those couples who take the opportunity to do something romantic on the 14th of February every year. Nor does it give us a sense of superiority knowing that we "show our love every single day of the year so why is this seemingly innocuous date important?" It simply means that it is only another day on our calendar.

It is true that even after ten and a half years together Kami and I are still that sickeningly in love couple who like to spend more time together than is probably healthy. Every single day we make sure we take the time to show each other how valued and loved we are. At least once a month we have a mini date night/day. Occasionally there will even be a cute romantic gesture or an unexpected surprise but I enjoy those on days that are unique to us, that have meaning to us as a couple. We just don't need to make a deal out of one day in February.

Also, is it just me or is there something a little bit mean about all those singletons feeling left out for not being in a romantic relationship? Just a thought.

If you do celebrate Valentine's Day, enjoy. For everyone else, have a nice 14th of February.
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  1. I'm totally with you. We don't do anything, although Kris did make me breakfast this morning, but I suspect it's a ploy for something else - never ending jokes about how he made me breakfast and I didn't make him breakfast so far! That's about as far as it goes with us, just a little joke.

    Saying that, we're off to a concert tonight, not specifically for Valentine's Day, it just happened to be the same day.

    Also, if we do want to do something - because I do like excuses to do something, I like to wait a week or so, and then do it, that way everyone else has finished with all their Valentine's Day stuff and it's quiet again.

  2. We don't do Valentines Day either, we choose to do special things - date nights, eating out at fancy places, buying each other random spontaneous things throughout the year rather than on a date the shops tell you too.


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